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You can use email marketing to tell customers about products and promotions, and even to send out discount vouchers and special offers. If you know some of your customers’ product preferences, you can send out emails with content tailored for them.

Email marketing won’t let customers contact each other over email, and they’re often sent from a ‘no reply’ address, so customers wouldn’t be able to reply to them with problems or queries. A dedicated customer service email address would be better for that.

Our Tips in Doing Email Marketing

Consider the email newsletters to which you are subscribed. Which ones do you read every time they arrive in your inbox? Which ones do you delete, and why? Are your favourite brands communicating with you according to your personal interests? There are loads of email services available—just do a search to see some of your options.

We also do in our email campaigns:

common features of email marketing tools

benefits of tracking email recipient behaviours

personalising content according to customer information

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