Responsive Web Design Services

It is no surprise, the use of smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed over the past two years. According to the report of Morgan Stanley , it is expected that users who surf the internet on these devices equal to those of desktop throughout 2016 . Despite this compelling reason, the vast majority of websites of small and medium enterprises are not yet " friendly " with mobile - Responsive. It is not only losing business opportunities, it is also a headache for users who access the site.

Let's review the main reasons why, if you have not yet decided to redesign your site and make Responsive, you have clear what you face if you have a business that is exposed on the network.

Increased use of Mobile

This is the most important and yet, there are businesses that are reluctant to opt for the Web Responsive Design. Taking a look at the statistics from Smart Insights we can have a clearer idea.

More than 30% of Google searches are done from mobile devices.

In the United States , Seychelles , Germany , Italy and India , the 35% of users access the Internet on a mobile device. The 65% of customers have a better opinion of brands , products and services when they offer a great mobile experience. The 95% of users access your email through your mobile and 15.2% are accessed through tablets.

User Experience essential - Pay attention on UX

According to Google's Think Insights referring to smartphones and tables, if a user comes to your site using any of the above and do not find what you are looking for , they get frustrated and close the website immediately, going to another. It is also said in this report that if users have a positive experience on a mobile website a 59% are more likely to buy a product or service.

Responsive Design is ideal for SEO

At SMX Advanced , in June 2012 , Pierre Farr of Google happened to mention that the American search engine prefers website design Responsive on templates that violate this requirement. Creating a website Responsive makes it easier for Google to crawl a page and reduce the chances of errors on the on-page-SEO . Just for this reason alone it is very important to hire a professional design firm that makes us a Web Responsive for our business.

Site speed

According to Google Page Speed Developers , the standard recommended for the content on smartphones , the top half of the page is loaded in less than one second and the rest in less than two seconds , on average. This is impossible when you load a version of the desktop on a smartphone or tablet . There is a very high possibility that users leave a site if they have to wait too long to load the content.

The Responsive sites cater to all devices

This falls under its own weight as unquestionable argument. One of the main advantages of Responsive Web Design is that the size of the template is created web page based on different sizes of screen , this means that no matter what device you use to navigate or screen size of these, will be adjusted according to the width and height of the device.

And we speak of these times, because the future is very sure will bring new devices to browse, watches , sunglasses , televisions , and so on. There is no reason to rethink the design of our website if this is only optimized for desktop.