Hello All! Get this – there’s this new AI technology that can like, automatically generate videos for you. Crazy sauce, right?? It’s called AI video generation (real creative name, I know, haha). Basically it uses artificial intelligence and algorithms and stuff to pump out slick videos without you having to film and edit everything yourself. Pretty rad!

I’ll give you the lowdown on how this brilliant little AI works its magic. So you know putting together videos is a massive pain – writing scripts, storyboards, shooting footage, editing, all that jazz. Such a time suck. Well this AI swoops in and is like “I gotchu fam!” It handles so much of the heavy lifting for you with its advanced robot brain.

You just provide the general idea of what you want – write a script, upload some images, record a voiceover, doesn’t matter. The AI will then work its high-tech algorithms to translate your directions into a full-on video! It has a huge media vault it can pull footage, graphics, audio from. It edits things together seemlessly, adds text and effects and whatnot. Insane right?

Now don’t get too cray cray, the AI isn’t gonna be all artsy fartsy with things. It can’t replace human creativity…yet! But for straightforward educational videos, basic marketing stuff, social media – it churns those out like a boss. And saves people a poop ton of editing time. Total game changer!

1) Pictory.ai

Let’s get specific here – Pictory.ai is money for marketers. Just tell it what promo video you want, upload a script, bam – pro-level production in minutes! It has templates so you can spice things up all pretty too. Way better than hiring some boring film crew. The future is here people!

For example, the AI video platform Pictory.ai is great for marketers. You just describe the video you want or upload a script, and boom – engaging promo video ready to go! It has templates and branding options so you can customize the look too. Much easier than hiring an expensive video production crew!

2) Synthesia.io

Another cool one called Synthesia uses AI avatars. That one is nuts – it creates realistic animated humans to be the “actors” in your videos! Imagine having your own personal video assistant to be the face of your brand. How badass is that?

3) DeepBrain

DeepBrain takes things up another notch with its voice cloning feature. Want your videos to sound like Morgan Freeman narrating? No prob, this AI will mimic any voice you want with freaky accuracy!

4) HeyGen

And I haven’t even gotten into HeyGen or Hour One yet. HeyGen uses AI and natural language processing to turn text into slick social media videos in minutes. Very handy for YouTube and Facebook and all that.

5) HourOne.ai

Meanwhile, Hour One generates uber-realistic human characters for eLearning modules, ads, explainers, what have you. We’re talking next-level video production quality with these AI tools.


So in summary – AI video generation is blowing up right now. Major time and money saver for producing all kinds of high quality videos without the normal headache.

Brands use them for marketing content, educators for eLearning materials, bloggers for upping their YouTube game. You name it. The AI actually learns and improves over time too. Soon directors and video editors may even be out of jobs! Sorta scary but kinda awesome too.

Anyway, let me know if you have any other questions. This tech stuff fries my brain sometimes but I’m happy to nerd out with you more about the rise of our video overlords, haha. Peace!

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