Most journalists rely on HARO to connect with credible sources for our articles. And we know pitching HARO queries takes strategy if you want to land that coveted media placement and backlink.

In this post, we’ll share insider tips for writing HARO responses that catch a reporter’s eye and actually get published.

Let’s start with a quick rundown of what HARO is all about.

HARO 101

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is an online platform where journalists ask questions and experts like you answer. It’s a way to get quoted or featured in prominent publications and build quality backlinks. As a leading SEO company in Thane, we make sure you get the best links in the business. Hire us for HARO links and we will help you with the best quotes.

But with thousands of people responding to queries, how do you make your pitches stand out? Here are our top dos and don’ts.

9 Tips for Killer HARO Pitches

Follow these guidelines to take your HARO game to the next level:

1. Laser Focus on Relevance

Only pitch queries directly related to your expertise. Don’t try to BS your way through unrelated topics – we can tell!

2. Answer ASAP

Timing is everything. Prioritize responding within the first hour before the reporter moves on.

3. Get Right To The Point

Be clear and concise. Answer the exact question without fluff or tangents.

4. Provide Context

Elaborate on your answers. Offer examples, stats, or anecdotes to demonstrate your knowledge.

5. Make It About the Story, Not You

Avoid shameless plugs for your company. Keep the focus on helping the reporter.

6. Write a Compelling Subject Line

Use your name, company, and keywords to make them open your email.

7. Establish Credibility

Quickly state your credentials like job title, experience, and company name.

8. Include Quotable Lines

Use bold, italics, or underlines to highlight punchy stats or quotes.

9. Break Up Long Blocks of Text

Make your pitch skimmable with short paragraphs and bullet points.

Avoid Common Link Building Mistakes

Beyond HARO, be sure to steer clear of spammy link-building tactics that can get you in hot water, like:

The key is building links that feel natural – not forced. So focus on quality over quantity, diversify your anchor text, and keep tabs on your backlink profile.

Parting Words

With these HARO pitching strategies, you can start landing coveted media placements and backlinks! Just remember relevance, speed, and value rule all.

Let us know if you have any other questions on optimizing your PR and link-building efforts. Happy pitching!

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