Marketing via email is among the most widely used methods to advertise your company online, however, this method can cause a lot of problems. Your emails may have low rates of opening, and your efforts in designing promotional emails and then sending them out to your intended audience will be in vain. Here we will try to explain to you How To Write A Marketing Email so that it will be opened by your customers more often.

It is essential that people open your email, go through it, and act on it. A lot of people fail to increase the number of emails that are opened because marketers don’t understand the reasons behind it. This article will outline the main reasons your email messages have low open rates and provide solutions to deal with these issues.

Why Email Open Rates Matter for Your Business

There are numerous ways to advertise your business through marketing through email. It is an effective tool that will become increasingly extremely popular in the coming years with 4,6 billion customers globally by 2025.

The world sends billions of emails every single day and a substantial portion of them are related to the promotion of business and its operations. In addition, marketers employ emails for content distribution which is 9/10 of emails that are sent.

Many businesses across the globe use the use of email marketing to expand and succeed however, what happens when letters are not being read? Consider that welcome emails can have more open rates, four times as high they are compared with average emails. It is possible to use open rate tracking to measure the success of your marketing campaigns and fix any errors.

Low Email Open Rates Reasons

We have identified six primary reasons why your emails end up being ignored, considered spam, or even ignored by the recipient. We’ll go over them in-depth to help you avoid these mistakes in your marketing email campaign.

#1 Ineffective Subject Lines

It is essential to concentrate the majority of your efforts on the subject line of the email since it’s often the first thing that a person will see before they open the email. Make sure you develop an engaging subject line that increases the number of people who open your emails. A well-crafted subject line will inform readers what an email contains and why it’s worthy of reading.

There are many tools that allow you to help the subject line stand out and draw the attention of the audience. You can test A/B tests to determine the current line’s performance or utilize the Subject Line Generator to get the results. Therefore your subject line needs to be interesting, attractive, and concise and not appear like spam or generate higher open rates.

#2 Depersonalized Emails

A different reason why the open rate is low could be a regular email that lacks personalization marks. There are a variety of effective ways to personalize your email and get the reader to take it up. First, you must include the addressee’s name, and then display the previous purchase preferences. This will add an individual touch to your marketing mailer and allow it to appear more natural rather than automatically.

It’s great to have personal email templates that are provided by online marketing companies such as Mailchimp as well as SendGrid. They have unique mobile-friendly layouts and designs for an effective campaign. Consider ways to personalize your emails to reach your audience and achieve a high rate of openness to emails.

#3 Numerous Buzzwords

There are a lot of buzzwords in email marketing that you need to be aware of that can result in high open rates, however, some are better avoided. Avoid using sensational or promising phrases that could cause confusion to the recipient, and you should avoid false claims. The recipients are usually frustrated when they encounter words such as optimize, free, branding unimaginable the percentage of off, actions/next steps, and many more.

However, email marketers need to be aware and incorporate into their campaigns specific words that increase open rates. Consider adding words such as alert, exclusive limited, and unique, that appeal to the emotions of recipients. The message should excite the recipient but simultaneously be simple and convey security.

#4 Email Has No Image or Video

It is important to note that an email marketing campaign without video or images is doomed to fail. According to reports, the majority of companies use videos as part of their marketing campaigns. There are many kinds of tools to create powerful video content for your email marketing. When selecting tools for email marketing take note of their interface, design functions, price, and design.

Video marketing via email is growing in popularity in recent times, and you should consider using it in your marketing campaign. Look at the most well-known videos for marketing and pick the one that is most effective for your company. This means you can make customized videos, videos about events, and tutorial videos to help in presenting your services and products to the customer at first. Another excellent option could be to advertise sales events or new product launches with videos. It’s generally a great method of personalizing your emails and improving the number of people who open your emails.

#5 Spam Filters

One of the main reasons that cause low opening rates can be the automatic filtering that flags your email as spam. There are many reasons for emails to be flagged as spam, so you need to know what to avoid using them in your marketing strategy. First, there are spam words (buy lottery, download click, and so on. ), unreliable domains, “no-reply” emails, etc.

There are several tools for marketing via email that allow you to check your email for signs of spam. You can increase your open rates by having an appropriate subject line that will help your email pass through the spam filters. You should avoid using one word or exclamations, capitals, and other spelling errors. Avoid using free email addresses, and make sure to include your company’s email address.

#6 Email Has Not Been Well Tested

The problem with low open rates of emails is in the absence of or insufficient testing. This is a process that provides you with an understanding of what your target audience wants and needs. Marketers should test different approaches to analyze the metrics and learn from their mistakes.

The testing of emails consists of running a series of subject lines through as well as analyzing emails to identify spam and confirming HTML/CSS. Additionally, your tests allow marketers to collect SMTP traffic from device and staging environments, and to test the email sending capabilities.


So here are some points to explain to you how to write a marketing email. There are numerous reasons why email open rates are not being met, and you must be aware of a variety of variables. It is vital to adhere to the frequency of emailing and adjust the design of your email to the device of the recipient and so on. Marketers should be mindful of the preferences of the audience, utilize modern email marketing tools, and think outside the box. Stay on top of the latest marketing trends and be distinctive by your emails that surely attract the reader.

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